Miranda & Jay | Big Sur Wedding

The first time I met Mykee and Jay was at a cool outdoor venue / bar / patio  / food place called Resident in the Arts District of Los Angeles. It was apparent that we were a good fit. Laid back, a little bit cynical about the things we could relate to in terms of family and culture, and really particular about style even though ours our very unique. I met Mykee for the first time, like, dang she’s got this amazing ‘I just threw this on but I look better than you all’ type of style that I need to learn and after meeting Jay, I felt like he could have been my older brother or cousin. I mean, our mom’s went to high school together or something like that? Same thing. After hanging out, we walked (more like, I fifth-wheeled with my two friends) to get tacos at La Reyna. Heads up, it’s totally closed now. [Hold up, that right there is the sound of my heart breaking.]

The two had a sunrise wedding in one of the most beautiful places in the United States, or some would argue, a dream destination for many people all over the world, Big Sur. With all the crazy rain and weather in California, the weekend resulted in road closures north and south of Big Sur resulting in a 6-hour trek inland and around to get the wedding cake! However, the venue was situated perfectly on the coast from all angles. The cabins were well-crafted with coastal views, the mountains a deep green, magical quality, there was fog, sunlight, rain during the kiss, more fog, and it was unreal how the ocean touched the sky. One of their friends also shot their wedding on nothing but SUPER 8.

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